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CCNP Security

Core Exam 350-701 SCOR
300-710 SNCF
300-715 SISE
300-720 SESA
300-725 SWSA
300-730 SVPN
300-735 SAUTO

CCNP Security Certification is one of the significant exams you shouldn't miss that cultivate the ability to manage security in Routers, Devices, Networking, Switches and Appliances. Security teams can make well use of automation to scale their security solutions with intent-based networks. To fully take advantages of these opportunities requires Security professionals with a broader range of skills and a deeper focus on strategic technology areas. Hence, Cisco develops a new CCNP Security certification program to help secure network design and execute with the assistance of Cisco Secure Access, Threat Control, Edge Network Security and Secure Mobility solutions.

To achieve CCNP Security Certifications, you're required to pass two exams which are a core exam that covers security infrastructure and a security concentration exams of your own choice. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Security core exam is 350-701 SCOR exam and it focuses on your knowledge of all security technology including automation and program ability. Besides, once you pass the core exam you are qualified to schedule and take the CCIE lab exam. The concentration exams are 300-710 SNCF exam, 300-715 SISE exam, 300-720 SESA exam, 300-725 SWSA exam, 300-730 SVPN exam and 300-735 SAUTO exam. Choosing one of them and take the corresponding exam.

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Why We need a CCNP Security certification?

First, achieve more Cisco Certifications and help you reach a higher level of your career. After the change of Cisco on February 24, 2020. Each core exam you take of CCNP will be the same as the CCIE written exam. Therefore, you can have more time to prepare for the CCIE lab exam. With more and more Certifications you can get, it totally can help you to take part in the bigger projects of your company and also get promoted quickly.

Second, the estimated average annual salary of CCNP Security professional is $87,915 and Network Security Engineer is $109,474. Obtaining the CCNP Security Certifications can largely increase your salary every year.

Third, obtaining the CCNP Security Certifications will greatly add many credits to your resume and build you up in this networking industry.

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